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White Conduit Project Space 10 April - 5 May

On 1 May, as the Crown Prince Naruhito succeeds his father Emperor Akihito, Japan will enter a new imperial era of the ‘Chrysanthemum Throne’. To commemorate this historic event, the White Conduit Gallery has commissioned Rosa to make a new specific work on this theme. The chrysanthemum, Kiku in Japanese, is the official crest of Japan's Imperial family and the flower is widely cultivated throughout the country. Rosa has used this emblematic flower in the creation of her new work, one of her ‘Lost Flowers’ series.

Alongside this commission, Rosa is exhibiting works on paper made at her home in France. Every morning, she composed a work using dried flowers and weeds from the garden combined with ink, clay and pencil. It became a daily ritual or meditative activity for her. Each work is her visual diary of a single day and a reflection of the inner-world of her own mind.