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A series of installations and interventions responding to the Barthete’s collection of tile and earthenware vessels, its architecture (an ancient thermal spa) and agricultural and ceramic history. The majority of the Barthetes collection originates with the artisans and potters of Martre Tolosanne, an area, which for two hundred years, has been a centre for earthenware.

Through her exploration of natural elements and organic forms Nguyen has created a series of ‘living’ landscapes from fired earth (earthenware ceramic) and raw earth (cultivated plants). In these works, she subverts the ordinary function of vessels drawn from the collection – lids from grease jars, dishes, salad bowls and plates. Drawing from tile patterns suggestive of water droplets, she has sown, alongside local plants, her own tiny blue and white vessels for ‘mini cultures’. From these germinations a collection of floating miniature gardens has sprouted, interior landscapes offering a microcosm for contemplation. All sustained using Barthete’s spring water.