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Rosa is showing her latest series of glazed porcelain 'Lost Flower' sculptures along side the work of other participating artists Rasheed Araeen, Alois Auer, Karl Blossfeldt, Henry Bradbury, Edward Chell, Peter Fillingham, Ori Gersht, Joy Girvin, Fay Godwin, David Heinrich Hoppe, Derek Jarman, Paul de Monchaux, Pia Östlund, Alicia Paz, With Flicker + Pulse: A Film by Brian McClave and Tom Wichelow

The exhibition is now touring to Glynn Vivian Museum and Art Gallery, Alexandra Road, Swansea, SA1 5DZ,22.09.18 – 18.11.18 and will be accompanied by an illustrated publication.

The show is conceived as a Wunderkammer or Cabinet of Curiosities, and will represent plant forms in a range of ways. Visceral but tight, the visual cues surrounding vegetable forms are multifarious, from growth progressions and mathematical curlicues to portrayals of gardens and botanical prints. Floral symbols abound as memento or reliquary and inform our aesthetic or ecological senses.
Karl Marx' idea of 'species being' described the importance of meaningful work for people, emphasising the fundamental importance of proximity to nature: 'Just as plants, animals, stones, air, light, etc., constitute theoretically a part of human consciousness, partly as objects of natural science, partly as objects of art - his spiritual inorganic nature, spiritual nourishment which he must first prepare to make palatable and digestible - so in the the realm of practice, they constitute a part of human life and human activity.'
The notion of the tree, with its different branches, structures the idea for this exhibition. This exhibition explores the interconnectedness of diverse floral narratives and, like Marx' species being, provides a platform for a range of individual approaches covering ideas from growth to gardens; memento to metabolism; commodity to collections.