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Rosa Nguyen explores natural elements and organic forms with a fusion of western and oriental sensibilities. Her works, ranging from unique objects to site-specific installations, are delicate and richly textured, innovative and timeless.

Her handmade ceramic and glass objects synthesize colour, line, form and function in an exotic visual and tactile language. Taking inspiration from discrete arts such as gardening and Ikebana - the Japanese form of flower arranging – Rosa’s work evokes a contemplative aesthetic and a deep- rooted spiritual connection with nature.

Rosa’s signature large-scale displays and tableaux allude to our holistic relationship with a visible and transient natural world. Small ceramic and glass vessels interconnect living and dried plants to form idiosyncratic arrangements, suffused with humour and pathos.

Her most recent work contrasts a colour palette of raw earthy matts and deep, glossy patinas with the clear, opaque and illusionary qualities of tall glass pieces. Set in groups, these vessels create mirage-like landscapes that alter with natural and artificial light sources and regrouping.

Rosa’s diverse portfolio includes collaborations with artists and designers in the UK and Japan, site-specific installations for corporate, private interiors and museums, and commissions for retail outlets, restaurants and hotels.

Commissions of bespoke artworks for domestic or commercial interiors are undertaken and negotiated directly through the artist.

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